An audio file in mp4 format and a thumbnail file are all you need to create a new memovideo! April 03, 2024 23:34

Illustrate and print a bilingual book like the Petit Prince shown at the bottom of the home page. Available for all partners April 03, 2024 22:02

Create a poster or thumbnail from a video with the desired image. Done April 03, 2024 21:59

The French-to-English translation of The Little Prince, French audio, now corrected and literary. January 08, 2024 23:02

The two translations of Ulises, Spanish audio, now corrected and literary. January 08, 2024 22:59

New layout for playing memovideos in portrait mode on mobile devices October 24, 2023 20:08

Subtitle area can be moved freely October 24, 2023 20:06

Possibility of switching from a single-line display of subtitles to several on the right of the screen October 24, 2023 20:05

Full screen optimized for computers and cell phones (portrait and landscape) October 24, 2023 20:03

Optimization of memovideo display when the smartphone is tilted in landscape/portrait mode October 24, 2023 20:02

New function to hide/show the video navigation bar October 24, 2023 20:01

Optimize subtitle reading by simplifying expression-translation highlighting October 24, 2023 19:59

Optimisation of the display of the various navigation bars October 24, 2023 19:56

Create your account or log in, now without changing page… August 15, 2023 16:45

Our Infrastrucure has been upgraded, more speed, more room.. July 16, 2023 18:34

Simultaneous listening and reading of the audio and the bilingual text now allows an even more effective assimilation of foreign audio-visual vocabulary than before. November 21, 2022 23:41

Spring makeover - A shinier color mix May 06, 2022 22:51

Highly improved catalog function on and March 30, 2022 02:06

Comfort and dynamism in navigation. And the bilingual book of Le Petit Prince (fr-de) January 07, 2022 01:32

Direct access to partners' public announcements July 17, 2021 01:42

Bug fixed on the contextual translator to find an expression and its translations its pronunciations its uses. July 11, 2021 17:51

New presentation of the animated text of the Memovideos in Audiobook mode July 08, 2021 14:01 Public Catalogs feature also available on June 30, 2021 12:14

Distinction made between memovideos in literal or literary translation May 30, 2021 13:05

New links to sort free or paying titles May 30, 2021 12:58

Synchronization problem when changing the video playback speed solved May 21, 2021 18:05

Advertisements (Ads) are deactivated for authors who produce texts with Memotext ! May 18, 2021 23:30

Optimized layout May 07, 2021 01:12

Highly simplified media compression and sharing process April 13, 2021 00:30

Improved "My vocabulary list" function as well as my list of comments or error suggestions on bilingual texts. April 10, 2021 12:29

Der Kleine Prinz, - Le Petit Prince de Saint-Exupéry, komplett überarbeitet! January 23, 2021 17:42

We are correcting the old imported titles in the new Memotext. The new concept wants the word group and its translation to be readable in the same place. The words order on the titles read in French and translated into German will soon be adapted. January 05, 2021 15:17

We are happy to announce the unlimited disk space on Memoman.Tv November 10, 2020 22:36

Paypal is now integrated - immediate activation after payment August 30, 2020 20:05

Paypal Integration is beeing hard coded on August 25, 2020 13:26 has become independent from ImS and offers only the functions related to Memovideos. August 22, 2020 11:24

A new view on your Gmails, we invite you to try it out July 22, 2020 01:56

All Emojis now compatible with the database ? July 16, 2020 00:41

Integrated Gmail inbox: lists grouped by expected answers; from my contacts; other emails July 09, 2020 18:12

Memoplay: better highlighting of the trio of words translation and audio July 09, 2020 01:56

Covid-19- All the Memovideos in free access without login until the eradication of the virus. June 23, 2020 21:23

Your Channels and your Public Catalogues made referenceable by search engines June 23, 2020 20:20

Filing an email received via Gmail finally possible June 08, 2020 02:00

Answer your emails without changing the page you are on June 08, 2020 01:58

New function to duplicate the content of a card. June 01, 2020 14:01

Users: Ergonomics raised by two notches May 01, 2020 21:10

Sequence: search results optimized April 26, 2020 02:45

Member welcome and dashboard highly optimized April 26, 2020 02:36

Facebook login ok now! April 03, 2020 01:10

Facebook Login integration not fully operational yet. April 02, 2020 01:46 and , two URLs at choice. Working with two different accounts in the same browser January 03, 2020 03:25

The production of a subtitled video was made easier and therefore faster! March 13, 2020 01:22

Searching for the subject and sender of an email received in Gmail now possible from memoMan February 21, 2020 13:38

memoSlate scrolls down the page to display the searched word and pronounce it. February 21, 2020 13:26

Tutorial videos coming soon online January 23, 2020 01:31

And finally we were ready to redesign the public home pages January 23, 2020 01:00

Today a free memoMan account is required to view your memoVideos January 14, 2020 08:50

Your important e-mails are displayed first... January 08, 2020 21:15

First the answers to the e-mails you sent.. January 08, 2020 21:19

Finally, any email from your address memoBook January 08, 2020 21:14

..and of course always the view on all your received e-mails January 08, 2020 21:12

Memo-Manage- Set your Timezone for notifications- done January 02, 2020 18:17

Memovideos- Synchronization is now perfectly reliable regardless of the length of the video December 16, 2019 00:31

Memovideos- All browsers are now compatible December 16, 2019 00:23

Languages - Refined animation on the spoken word December 13, 2019 00:00

Subtitling- New visual features December 02, 2019 02:02

for a better instant comprehension and retention of the meaning of a spoken word. December 07, 2019 22:54

New songs and new translations of existing titles November 17, 2019 22:46

New Symbol memoman server in Switzerland, safe and protected from GAFAs November 15, 2019 20:18

ImS - Publish some of your cards in the form of a catalogue made of your articles and enriched with multimedia documents. Graphic design and ergonomics revisited. September 13, 2019 23:48

ImS: Billing module revisited and completed with the "in secure area" option for the accounting attachment attached to the entry September 12, 2019 21:09

Binders always on hand: The organization of binders always available without changing pages. When hovering over the +1 button, you can directly create a new article in an existing section, August 18, 2019 17:44

or create a new section or workbook such as deciding to create a memo or display the list of them or of any other type of document. You can also display all the pages of the selected workbook or group them by section. August 18, 2019 17:43

Secure space for your confidential files - simply check "In the secure area" when uploading an attachment. August 17, 2019 13:51

Compression of multimedia files, mixing an image with a soundtrack to obtain a video. Extract the soundtrack from a video into an mp3 file. Replacing images in a video with a single still image July 30, 2019 16:47

Upload as many files as you want! Our storage system extends to infinity July 21, 2019 01:55

Comment on the texts, simply click/touch a word and take the red pencil, a form will open, and your comments will be publicly visible July 21, 2019 01:32

Slow down the playback speed of the memovideo finally available. A long-awaited feature... the tone of the voice does not change at slow speed and there is plenty of time to read and understand no matter how difficult the language to learn. April 27, 2019 17:37

Turn up or down the volume or mute the sound now adjustable from the navigation bar! April 27, 2019 17:28

Memovideo-player Beta version 0.91 just released! April 24, 2019 16:18

Mini progress bar under each group of synchronized words: reassuring to accurately track pronunciation and spelling. We had a cursor with a colored background that changed the optics of the word and made it difficult to read. April 24, 2019 12:52

Video / text toggle button: Black text on a white background as on a book page for text mode. April 16, 2019 23:50

Page 2 of Le Petit Prince (fr -de) was bad synchronized, now resynchronized April 16, 2019 19:27

Subtitling by full sentence now possible. The Memotext partner who does not want to subtitle in bilingual or who simply wants to enter and translate more text at once, can now also do so and the text layout adapts automatically. April 14, 2019 15:06

Video progress bar now integrated into the player and new ergoomy April 12, 2019 13:05

You can now check words and their translations in one click among a lot of texts March 30, 2019 15:37

New links added when clicking a word. March 30, 2019 15:17

Search of video sequences and translator functions are now fully integrated in your free Memovideo app March 30, 2019 15:09

Automatic announcement of titles released in the last 7 days March 21, 2019 16:57

Memovideos views taken into account since March 10, 2019 March 13, 2019 22:17

New announcements on the memomen and women channels

Access to the Channels Memovideos

  Paradis …
Sunday 26 Feb 2023



Bienvenue sur ma chaine…

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  Pidihemm …
Friday 07 Oct 2022



Le Petit Prince de Saint Exupéry en livre bilingue imprimé avec une mise en page pédagogique inédite !

Chacune des histoires bilingues interactives et en ligne peut aussi dorénavant être imprimée. Memotext, l'application en ligne pour les auteurs,  permet également de positionner les illustrations à la suite d'un mot et avec son code html ou javascript à l'appui, comme son timecode et sa traduction . Notre traitement de texte bilingue peut beaucoup ! 

Mise en page pédagogique

Une phrase imprimée en bleu pour la traduction et une en noire pour la phrase originale. Chaque phrase est découpée en un certain nombre de groupes de mots et chaque groupe de mot a sa traduction imprimée directement au dessous / dessus.

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  Jaimie …
Saturday 23 Apr 2022



Savez vous comment on appelle un ascenseur en chinois ?

La réponse ici

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  Debora …
Saturday 23 Apr 2022



Les nouvelles utilisations des armes américaines en Afghanistan

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Wednesday 06 Apr 2022



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Wednesday 06 Apr 2022



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  Pidihemm …
Wednesday 06 Apr 2022



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  Pidihemm …
Wednesday 06 Apr 2022



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Wednesday 06 Apr 2022



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Wednesday 06 Apr 2022



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