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Upload a video to a Memovideo type card, enter the whole text, let translate, according to the languages, Google translate, enter the translation, give a title and a language combination, save the file, click on Memotext and link each group of words to its translation, in a few clicks, you will be ready to synchronize. Once your memo is completed and validated, it will be highlighted in the lists for thirty days.
From then on you are a Memoman partner. You can decide to put a price on your titled memovideo and get 60% of the sales revenue. And even without a price on your memovideo, Symbol will pay you too. More info once logged in…


Learn languages with texts created by Internet users from all countries and corrected by the memoman partner network and yourself if you annotate, comment on or point out errors in the texts and their translations.


Translate an expression and find human translations from the Memovideos.

Find by keywords an expression in its audiovisual and bilingual context!

Hear the pronunciation, see the context or the video image.

Continue reading from the searched expression.

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Your personal page on ImS or on! Publish all types of files such as videos, photos, PDF, Xlsx, Docx… or data such as links and comments…

You can also insert a link to your "catalogue of public items" according to your shared records.

If you subtitle one of your videos, once validated, they will automatically appear at the bottom of your channel's page. No "Like" button but a view counter on your memovideos.


Lists of files attached to any of your files. To upload a file to your Cloud, you must first create a record. You can find a file by launching a search on the file name or its extension. (Search on the contents of a Pdf Docx file and other files containing text soon available)

Memotext my online author app

Publish audio synchronized texts

Esay text and translation management.

Take part to the Memoman Open Languages Project!

Offer or sell your Memovideos!

How to do it?

Just copy your text and paste it in Memotext.

Begin to translate it or get the translation from or…

You are ready to link short expressions with their translation.

Last step: easy synchronize the text with the audio.

BONUS: Get a free Smart Cloud, a Blog and a Channel, public catalogs URLs and several communications functions…

Answer your Gmail under your favorite email address. Basically the email you have chosen to create your account.

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